Specialists in injurious affection claims associated with electrical apparatus, the team at Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd have appraised and advised the industry for over 10 years in connection with a wide range of such claims.  This is inclusive of large scale commercial and residential developments, urban and rural properties and agricultural land.  This knowledge and experience is across the spectrum of asset types, from 400kV towers with 24 conductors to low voltage wood poles.  Our services include:

  • Negotiation of Injurious Affection Compensation for Electricity Undertakers
  • Project Management of Claim Portfolios
  • Specialist Support for Necessary Wayleave and Lands Chamber Submissions


The team at Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd have extensive experience in negotiating Easements and Wayleaves on infrastructure projects for Utility providers and green energy schemes.  Working with our clients we have provided Wayleaving services for new power lines as well as arranged access for maintenance and survey work.  Wayleaving work goes hand in hand with Environmental Consents and at Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd we work alongside Ecology and Environmental specialists.  Our services encompass:

  • Land Referencing
  • Schedule of Conditions pre work
  • Completion of new Wayleave Agreements
  • Negotiations of terms for permanent easements through commercial and agricultural land
  • Capitalisation of Wayleaves
  • Onshore cable route projects related to offshore wind schemes
  • Rights for Overhead and Underground equipment


The team at Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd have extensive experience in telecoms acquisition.  We have acted on behalf of several of the leading Mobile Phone Operators as well as private and public networks.  Services include:

  • Acquiring sites for the Distribution Network Operators internal telemetry systems
  • Planning Consents and advice on permitted development rights
  • Wayleave and Easement Negotiations for power and communications cables
  • Management of client Telecoms Portfolios, with a view to maximising returns and efficiency
  • Landlord and Tenant advice
Landlord & Tenant

Landlord & Tenant

With a background in Property Management, Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd have a team of qualified professionals available to provide landlord and tenant advice.  Our clients are variously Landlords and Tenants and we are comfortable to advise in both scenarios.  Our work includes the property management of substations, telecoms sites, agricultural land, industrial sites and office complexes.  Services include:

  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease Renewals
  • Site Share and Upgrade Negotiations
  • Reports for Expert Witness and Arbitration Submissions
  • Non-Operational Land and Asset Management


Smith Tunbridge Ayres have a proven track record in obtaining Planning Approvals for utility assets, in particular telecoms installations and electricity infrastructure. Related consents have been achieved for security fencing and modular building extensions associated with office buildings.

  • Pre-Application Consultation with Local Planning Authorities and other stakeholders
  • Planning Applications, including detailed Supporting Statements.
  • Knowledge of Permitted Development Rights in accordance with the Electricity, Communications, and Local Government Acts.
  • Negotiation and Discharge of Planning Conditions.
Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition

Smith Tunbridge Ayres Ltd offer a full Property Acquisition Service across the UK.  We can provide specialist advice and services to clients requiring a broad range of property types.  This includes sites for utility infrastructure such as substations, industrial buildings, bespoke depots, telecoms sites and office buildings.  Additionally, we have a background in Windfarm Acquisition and have sourced such sites from small single private turbines to multiple large 2.5kW machines for some of the largest green energy developers in Europe.  Services include:

  • Detailed Site Find and Survey Reports relative to geographical location, tenure, size and budget
  • Planning applications and consultations with Local Planning Authorities
  • Thorough knowledge of relevant legislation including Landlord and Tenant
  • Negotiating Lease, Exclusivity, Option or Freehold terms
  • Instructing solicitors and monitoring through to legal completion